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Flowing Design Just The Thing For A Pool

Sydney Morning Herald

Thursday October 12, 2000

Colin Menzies

Everyone knows Blue Haven Pools & Spas. It's the Aussie pool company using former Parramatta footballer Peter Sterling and an elephant to promote itself on television.

And perhaps Sterlo has done something right, because Blue Haven is by far Australia's largest pool supplier with sales exceeding 20,000 a year.

But marketing hype means little to the MBA's judging panel. Rather it looks for quality of workmanship, innovation and good design.

And it's these features it found in Blue Haven's 3 metre by 7 metre clover-shaped pool.

The pool and surrounds are designed to create an appealing environment. Made from free-form concrete, it has a natural rock-pond finish on the edges and part of the pool's interior. A man-made rock at one end is shaped to form a cave above which a waterfall spills into the pool. You can sit in the cave and watch the water cascade in front of you.

Simon Chayboub, Blue Haven's national sales manager, says rock pools and landscape-designed pools have become far more popular than the traditional rectangular tiled pool.

Nowadays people are going more for a product that may be a little bit smaller, but has a lot more entertaining features in it. And the look is easier on the eyes than a tiled pool, he says.

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